Play Return Man 3

Return Man 3 is an American Football Game online, in which best part is that game is completely free. ESPN sports game, you have to put up strong defense and offense as well, to prevent other team for scoring.



About Return Man 3 Game


Return Man 3 lets you play some intense football, tackle the running back before he reaches the end zone! Moreover, running back has many blockers to help him clear his way so avoid or get through them in order to tackle him before he scores.

If you don’t you’ll lose a defensive stand. You can also collect some points and unlock new Tunnel Rush player and new trick as well. Time to play some American Football!


Return Man 3 Game

To Return Man game series you don’t need lots of knowledge there are same rules as in real fields. How to play it its simple: Run to the Yellow circle in time to catch the ball, you have to use blockers to get to the end zone by rounding defenders. If opposite teams defenders strip the ball from you, be quick to pick up the fumble before they recover it. Unfortunately in gameplay if you don’t make it to the end zone, you will lose you possession. With you progress during the game more stages will be unlocked.

How To Play Game


In Return Man 3 you have few key controls:

(I) = run forward up the field

(J) = run left

(K) = run down the field (L)= run right

Tips And Tricks


During each level you must evade tackles from the opposing team and make your way down the field to score a touchdown. don’t the let players get to close otherwise you will be stopped dead in your tracks.

When u will unlock some levels intensity and pressure of the game rises, you also game several teammates who tackle opposite players and help you road till the end zone. Its pretty similar to the previous versions of the Return Man game, but with the new quality and speed is best version to play. During the game you have 15 different stages with new obstacles.

With this all said I only have to wish you good luck and hope you enjoy play Cubefield as much as I do. For further questions contact us.